About Us

Local patrons, until COVID-19 has moderated sufficiently,  please request a Skype session if face to face interaction is important to you.  We are more than willing to accommodate personal preferences.  We want to protect people as best as possible.

The year was 2002… two licensed insurance agents working with a large Life and Health Insurance Agency in Michigan decided to make a change for the better.   Kenneth Craig, a 30 year+ veteran life and health insurance agent.  The other, Michael Flajole, the young “whippersnapper” as Mr. Craig used to say.

Maybe they were a couple of mavericks?


Well, they departed from the large “big box” agency that put sales quotas (‘production’) in front of a simple “client centered” business model.  The former big agency was very well established and had considerable clout.  Combining their enthusiasm, diverse experiences and nearly 33 years experience,  A new company called C & F Associates, a licensed,  independent insurance agency was formed.   The focus was to offer customer centered insurance products and services that met each client’s specific needs, not that of the “big box” sales office or any particular insurance company.  Being independent meant that they could always offer their clients products from many different and reputable insurance carriers.    The rest would take care of itself.

The two letters (C,F) in the business name C & F Associates represents the last names of the founders.

Kenneth and Michael firmly believed that people needed to come first and that in doing what is best for the client would ultimately be the method for success of their agency.

“If we can’t help you, we sure aren’t going to hurt you.”   Kenneth was committed to that coined phrase his entire career and it continues to be a motto we do business by today even as the world moves towards buying insurance online and over the phone.

With that all said, who am I?

My name is Michael Flajole.  I am the remaining founder and president of this company.  I’m also proud to be a caring father of 2 children I love very much.

My personal motivation for Special Risk Life developed years ago when my father was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia.  The odds of contracting that disease is 1 in 1,000,000.

Aplastic anemia, is an autoimmune disease with no cure and a death sentence attached to it.  Your lucky to make it past initial the treatment phase (chemotherapy), but 8 years is about all you have left if you survive the chemo.  My Dad battled the condition for 10 years.  In that time, I watched a perfectly healthy individual diagnosed with this disease at age 59, have his switch flipped and his life just deteriorate dramatically.

Never believe your past health dictates your future.  Nothing is more important in life than God and our loved ones.

Plan for the unexpected future.  It can and does happen to unlikely people.  Take life with the proper degree of seriousness.  How much sand remains in anyone’s hourglass will always be a mystery.  Take appropriate action and plan for the unexpected or the inevitable.  Health can and does change in moment.

If you haven’t already, start the process of getting financial security in place.  Life insurance only gets more expensive the longer it is put it off.

It is my job to help you obtain protection for your own challenges in financial planning.  I like to help the “underdog” so to speak.  If you have a medical or high risk condition…you are an “underdog” when trying to obtain life insurance.

Our company has changed quite a bit with time.  I have been the technology and product agent for this company since its origin in 2001.  It has always been my function to evaluate the companies the different technologies and how they may benefit our customers.  Purchasing life insurance online is now simple.  Either give us a phone call or start the process in the Instant Quoting Tool you will see on the right where you may request to apply for coverage.

Online, we are known as Special Risk Life Insurance.  Why?   Well, you already heard about my father, but my former associate, Kenneth Craig dealt with Type I Diabetes for 40+ years.  He even suffered an amputation due to his Type I diabetes.  Lost half of his leg during the last few years of his extensive career as a complication of diabetes.  I watched him go thru life altering events over a number of years not to mention many months of disability due to the handicap and learning to walk again.  Ken himself was tough to insure do to his own medical conditions.  His health caused him a lot of obstacles.  Needless to say,  I/we know life and medical risk life insurance like this only too well.

Now, with the growth of the internet and technology, it has allowed people from all over the country to connect with us for our expertise and ambition.  It is the prime reason for Special Risk Life Insurance becoming our little niche in the market.

Of course, Diabetes is not the only special risk we encounter, just a more common one.  Since we have worked extensively with tough health conditions for years, developing real world experience and just a knack for handling the tough cases.

Yes, we still offer preferred rates and “cheap” term life insurance for people of various health and don’t walk a high wire for a living

We also offer a Quick Quoting Widget for your convenience on the right side of each article.  The quoting widget will have some limitations if you have a number of risk factors.  Special or high risk cases is not a place to trust a rookie agent, the “big box” sales office, the captive (one company agent) nor someone who does not have the training to understand how to get you the best offer from a reputable insurer.  Most do not.  Get on the phone with us.  Let’s talk about your situation.  We have access to over 40 of the top life insurance companies to shop for your best options.

Our values and conviction at Special Risk Life Insurance remain focused on ensuring your needs are met with the highest standards and at the best possible price.  We still offer personal appointments in our local area for those who want the more traditional “in person, face to face” engagement.  However, regardless of where live, there are alternatives for face to face consultation if you would prefer…such as a Skype meeting.  We are even able to share our screen with you on your own computer we other technology we use.  These are certainly good options for you to consider if “face to face” contact is important you.  We understand that for some, it is important to put a name with a face.  Some email contact initially is fine,  and we will do our best to answer questions, however that is something that does not flow well in our experience and not a way we can communicate effectively much beyond the very basics.

We know everyone has different schedules but we do try to accommodate as best we can.  After hours and weekends appointments can be arranged as well.   Whichever works best for you, we do our best to make it happen-painlessly.

While our business has gotten more technological in nature, being a good, professional agent has not been forgotten and is still the most vital element in helping people everyday.

I am thankful to have had such a great mentor, friend and “co-owner” to teach me about the industry.  The “echo” of our past is what motivates this company to deliver the best in both products and service today.  It is also the promise I made to him as my mentor and friend, to carry the torch with the ethics in what we both strongly believed in from the beginning 20 years ago.

I/we thank you for considering our company and hope you will allow us to provide the right life insurance coverage for you.



Michael J. Flajole Jr.