Burial Insurance Rates For Your Age

This page gets right down to the cost of owning a burial insurance policy. It is an instant quoting tool that is free for you to use. If you are on your computer (laptop or desktop), the tool you need is on the right. On a cell phone, the tool should be located below this introduction.

Disclaimer: The rates you see does not guarantee you will qualify for that company or policy. With that said, roughly 90% of those who decide to apply do qualify for the best health class at the very least. The better your overall health, the more access you have to the very best rates available.

To proceed, start by judging your “health class” by comparing your general health with people who are in their senior years. Burial insurance policies are designed for senior health, not a 21 year old who is in the prime of their life. Now, if you just had a heart attack a month ago, you are going to be limited and it is best to give us a call to discuss you options. Alternatively, if you had a heart attack very recently, select “poor health” so you can see some of what is available for your situation. Once all information is entered, your instant quote will show you the top options.