Instant Life Insurance Quotes

These two quote tools below provide instant life insurance quotes on demand. They are free for you to use.

The tools provided allow the 4 most common policies that are purchased from our office from many of the top carriers. Common policies purchased include:

  • Level Premium Term Life Insurance
  • No Exam, Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance For Seniors
  • Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance (GUL)
  • No Exam, Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance (High Risk Life Insurance)

Now, getting rate quotes are straight forward for the first couple (term life and Senior Whole life). You simply use the left quoting tool for term and the right tool for no exam, simplified issue senior whole life.

For Level Premium Term Life and Guaranteed Universal (GUL) Insurance quotes, you must use the widget named appropriately. Select the respective number of years you would require term life insurance. If you desire an instant quote for permanent life insurance GUL, please use the following procedure: Under the “Type of Insurance” drop down menu, select “Lifetime.” That will lock in GUL rates for you to view.

For Those 50-85 Needing Whole Life Insurance, use “No-Exam” quote tool. Most people qualify for “Excellent Health” in the Drop down Menu for Health Classification. For people that want or will need guaranteed issue whole life (no health questions) select “Poor Health.” This will show rates for those who cannot medically qualify or considered to have a high risk profile only. Remember, this is last resort life insurance. It is more expensive and always includes a waiting period of at least 2 years. Never buy Guaranteed Issue coverage without talking to a seasoned independent life insurance professional. Roughly 85-90% of seniors qualify for standard, no exam life insurance which offers immediate and full coverage for a lower price with a few health questions.

If you are having difficulty, get in touch with us. We will gladly run the quotes for you in person. (269) 230-3420