Median Substandard Life Insurance Quote

A “Median Substandard” life insurance classification used on this website, is generally applied to an applicant/insured who is healthy enough to be approved for life insurance, but does have a moderately risky health situation and therefore will be required to pay a higher premium by the insurer than healthier applicants.

How You Get a Quote

To get a quote at Median Substandard, simply use our quoting calculator/widget on this page. Complete the form being sure to select “Standard” from the Health Class drop down menu, then add 100% to the quotes shown.

Double that Calculated Premium as Shown Below

On our quote form, quotes will be displayed for a “Standard” rating as is.  You can expect your premium to be approximately 100% higher than the “Standard” premium quoted.

To calculate this, just multiply the “Standard” health class premium by 2.

For example:

“Standard” Premium      —>         “Median Substandard” Premium

$100 per month                —>         $200 per month

$250 per month                —>        $500 per month

$350 per month                —>         $700 per month

Will it Be Exactly 100% More?

Should be pretty darn close.

Please remember, substandard ratings are officially labeled as “table ratings” by any life insurance companies.  An approval of an application in a median substandard rating range… the insurance company might call it Table 4 or Table D.

Most companies charge 25% per “table” below the standard rating.  It’s possible you could get a Table 4 or Table 5 (D or E) premium rating, which would only cost 100%-125% more than the standard rating, but the most common outcome of the two is Table 4, and hence why we show a 100% addition.

Applying for Coverage

Please remember, our articles are only a “dialed in” guide as to how you will be rated.  All rating and premium decisions are made at the life insurance companies home office and the underwriter.  The only way to know for sure what your cost will be is to apply for coverage, and then see what health class you are approved at.  If you apply for coverage, there is no obligation to buy.  We can help you apply to the carrier who will give you the best offer.  With Special Risk Life, we know how to sort high risk cases to the right carrier to secure an affordable option.  This is what our team does.  It is a challenge we are happy to take on for you.

We can help you apply if you call us at 269-230-3464.