Strict Substandard Life Insurance Quote

“Strict Substandard” Rating & Quote

A “Strict Substandard” or “Severe” life insurance classification used on this website, typically applies to an applicant who is healthy enough to be approved for life insurance, but due to a high risk condition, will be asked to pay a higher premium than healthier applicants.

How to Get a Quote

To get a quote at Strict Substandard, simply use our quote tool on this page and select “Standard” from the Health Class menu, complete all required information and click “Get Quote.  At that point, add 150% to the quotes shown.

If you are not a math major, just multiply that premium by 2.5 and you have your quote.

For example:

“Regular or Standard” Premium      —>  “Strict Substandard” Premium

$100 per month                —>         $250 per month

$250 per month                —>        $625 per month

$350 per month                —>         $750 per month

Will it really cost 150% More?  Is that accurate or not?

Yes, but with out talking to you in person, it is still a best guided estimate.  Life insurance underwriting will be looking deeply into records to ascertain the risk they may be taking.

Be sure to understand that substandard ratings are technically labeled as “table ratings” by life insurance companies.  If you end up approved at a “strict” substandard rating, the insurance company themselves might actually call it Table F or Table 6.

Most companies charge 25% per table below the standard rating.  It’s possible you could get approved anywhere from Table F to Table J or tables 6-10 rating, which would cost 150%-250% more than the standard rating.  We find the most common of the these is Table F  That is why we multiply by 150%.

Applying for Coverage

Please remember that this is just an article to educate you on how your might be rated.  The only way to know for sure what your actual rating will be is to apply for coverage, and see what health class you are approved at.  High Risk Life Insurance cases can vary widely depending on each persons individual site.  When you apply for coverage, there is no obligation to buy but you will have your actual rate.

We are here to help if you have any unanswered questions or are ready to apply.  Please call 269-230-3464