Mortgage Protection Insurance or Term Life Insurance

Mortgage Protection Insurance, sometimes referred to as MPI, is designed for one purpose, to pay off the debt on a mortgage if the borrower loses their life either due to either an accident or natural causes. Now, term life insurance can be used for any purpose, including but not limited to a mortgage payoff. Under most circumstances, a term life insurance policy is a better choice and offers a lot more options to those who …

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Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance – The Nuts and Bolts

The Low Down on No Lapse Universal Life Insurance and More So what exactly is Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance then?  Is it just another universal life insurance product…just what we need! Grrreat!! I’m actually being sarcastic here because traditional, interest sensitive, Universal Life (UL) products from many life insurance companies have struggled for many years now.  Due to low interest rates, many consumers who own these policies have had some hard decisions to make.  The …

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Best No Exam Life Insurance Online

You’ve got life insurance questions, and we’ve got the answers!!  Can I get life insurance for a preexisting condition(s)?  Yes, you certainly can.  You may have more options than you have been led to believe. In this post, we are going to focus on the policies that are most likely to approve you if you may have multiple medical conditions. These policies are all no exam policies meaning no one will come to your home …

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