Getting Life Insurance With Diabetes – Guide: Best Rates and Coverage

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Affordable life insurance for a diabetic is something many Americans find hard to locate.  It simply isn’t readily available or optional at many traditional sources of life insurance.

If you have diabetes, you may have already been frustrated by the hassle of trying to find a company who can approve you for a good policy.  Maybe you have even been declined because of your preexisting condition?

Getting the best life insurance with diabetes will take a little effort on your part as often times we must change our lifestyle.  If you have even been declined previously and are looking for a way to qualify for affordable diabetic life insurance have you followed your doctor’s treatment plan to get your A1C down?

When you were actually diagnosed with diabetes and your current overall health will have an impact on what you may qualify for.

With that said, here comes the good news!!

In this article, we are going to point out our top strategies for any diabetic to get the best diabetes life insurance quotes possible.  Even if you have been previously declined.  Whether you need life insurance for diabetics, type 1 or type 2, we have the answer.

There is no big secrets here, but actionable tips to stack the deck more in your favor.

Our #1 Tip For Getting The Best Life Insurance With Diabetes Quote

While there are a few different parts to the process of saving big money, there is however, one very important thing you can do to ensure that you’ll get the best life insurance rate possible.

Our number 1 tip…If you’re considering purchasing life insurance, get deadly strict about your diet.

Did you notice the bold print?

A Strict Diet Can Save You Money!!

Stick to foods, like leafy greens, non-starchy vegetables, beans, seeds and nuts.  Watch your intake of grains.  I know it’s hard to eat healthy all of the time, but if you can do it for most of your meals and snacks, you’ll be better off.  You will feel better and have your weight and A1C under better control.   Saving some good money can be your incentive!!

Everyone eats bad things from time to time.  As a diabetic, you have to say no.  Is there more pleasure in eating that “no no” or in just feeling better day to day?  Weigh that out in your mind. Each time you think about eating something bad, don’t do it.  It does matter to how you feel and how you could save thousands of dollars in life insurance premium payments over the life of your policy, right?

Pop or Soda Pop or whatever you want to call it… should not be consumed at all.  Avoid fruit juice and drink LOTS of filtered tap water as the healthy alternative.

Avoid fast food as best you can.  If you must eat fast food, choose healthy items like a grilled chicken sandwich or salad with light dressing on the side.  Consider disposing of any bun.

Diabetics with optimal cholesterol levels and blood pressure can get favorable credit resulting in better life insurance ratings.  Blood sugar is not the only thing the insurance companies are going to look at.  An consistent adherence to an excellent diet will help you benefit physically and financially.

Believe me, a healthy diet and lifestyle will way in heavily on what any underwriter from any life insurance company will decide in terms of your offer.  Do not underestimate this!! The diet will help your A1C go down, which is a huge concern of any underwriter of life insurance.

If you need a sweetener, try Stevia (natural sweetener) instead of sugar or honey.   Stevia does not affect affect your blood sugar levels like sugar or honey.  My kids use it regularly to sweeten plain yogurt and protein powder after working out.  They are completely “sweet” happy with it!!


Watch Those Labels for the Less Than Obvious Diabetes No-No’s!!

Be sure to check all labels on the food you want to purchase before you put it in your shopping cart!!  It is unbelievable how much sugar is put in foods nowadays.  When I was a youngster in the 70’s or so…you just did not see added sugar in an overwhelming amount of foods.  Nowadays, if it contains high fructose corn syrup listed as an ingredient or it contains added sugar… sucrose, glucose or fructose is listed as one of the first few ingredients, don’t buy it.

Be careful about the other less obvious “sugars” on food labels. Ingredients like, fruit juice concentrates, evaporated cane juice, agave nectar, molasses…  many items with “syrup” in their name.  Some of these even sound like they may be good for you, but they’re not.

If you get a craving for something sweet, try to eat low sugar fruits like blueberries or even watermelon.  Here is an article you can educate yourself on fruits that may be a good option for you. Use stevia to sweeten any non-sugary foods when needed.

Avoid alcohol… especially sweet mixed drinks.

Use This Strict Diet Prior To Any Diabetic Life Insurance Exam

While several life insurance companies now offer no exam life insurance these days, if you have diabetes and want term life insurance, a paramed exam at your home or business is likely. This is paid for by the insurance company. While we do work with a couple companies that may not need this, it may serve you well to go the more traditional route.

Now, if you can follow the above diet for a couple months or even a few weeks prior to having any required life insurance medical exam, your A1C will probably be better than ever and your cholesterol, other blood levels and blood pressure may also improve.  You will be glad you did!! The insurance company will make a much better offer knowing you are taking steps to improve your health.

An optimal HbA1C as far as life insurance companies are concerned is typically below 7.0%.  The lower it is the better.

We have seen insurance companies improve on their offers quite often for a very small difference in A1C.  As an example, improving from an A1C of 7.1% to 6.8% can result in a rate improvement which could save you 30% to as high as 50% on your life insurance premiums.  Over the life of your policy, this will be a huge savings.

I know this small difference in A1C from 7.1 to 6.8 seems pretty minor, but changes like this can make a difference.  Your diabetic life insurance premium is all about the perceived risk to the insurance companies.


Getting Life Insurance Quotes With Diabetes From Special Risk Life

Having Diabetes does complicate obtaining an accurate life insurance quote many times.

For for information and additional tips on how you can save substantial money saving tips, trying reading our top 10 tips list.

It is important to understand that coverage is readily available when you work with the right independent life insurance broker. Getting an affordable quotation is only good if your overall health qualifies for a particular companies policy. Since diabetes affects some people more than others your overall health history will be examined thru a questionaire, electronic record and possibly an attending physician’s statement (APS). If your diabetes has caused any complications like Neuropathy, Retinopathy, Amputation etc, you will be looking at a whole life policy. Term life insurance will be off the table. It is much harder to qualify for as a general rule.

Those individuals that are most impaired by the medical condition will see higher rates than another person the same age and gender because it puts the life insurance carriers at a greater risk. Our instant quoting technology on this page can get you started, but ultimately we must have some details of your medical history to get a better estimate for you.

What kind of life insurance do you need? Temporary or Permanent? What stage of life are you in? What are you planning for?

Many diabetic seniors opt for no exam whole life insurance. No exam life insurance is often more favorable to the insured, but that should only be determined by a professional independent life insurance agent.

Different needs require a different product and underwriting standards.

Talking to a seasoned, independent life insurance agent is always going to be best.

You can give us a call at 269-230-3464 or simply contact us here.

In Conclusion

Whether you have type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, being strict about your diet prior to applying for any policy will help you to get the best life insurance for diabetes.  Yes, even small improvements in blood sugar control, cholesterol levels and blood pressure can and do help.

In the end your complete strategy is going to show a history of effective treatment, including yearly eye exams, and that your other risk factors — such as weight and blood pressure — are all in normal ranges.

By following the guidelines above, you will optimize your chances to really save lots of money and feel better on a day to day basis.  Yes, it does take some self discipline to make this work, but the payoff is more than worth it especially over time.

So try eating “A1” for a couple months and then apply for life insurance.  We’ll still be here to help.  You could get a copy of the lab results from your life insurance paramed exam and compare it to your prior lab results from your doctor’s office.  Think you are going to be surprised at the improvements.  Believe me, I watched my deceased Type I diabetic and former close friend and former co-owner go thru a lot with his dietary choices.  Night and day difference in his numbers.

We have had plenty of happy feedback from our other diabetic clients who admit that they have had some real improvements in the quality of life.  Try our tips out if your thinking of applying for diabetic life insurance.  Even a small change in your blood sugar levels can make you “more insurable” and helping you obtain affordable life insurance diabetics need to protect their loved ones.

If you want to get some more detailed recommendations for a long term diabetic health strategy, give this site a good look.  Hope it helps guide you to an even healthier future.

Let us know if we can be of additional service.  269-230-3464